First Timers

We recommend clients have a scan for the first time book in for a consult with our resident sports nutritionist, Nicole from EatSense. This is because, even though we have worked very hard to make our report understandable to the average person, sometimes the significance of the many important numbers is difficult to grasp. Getting a DEXA scan and accompanying report without someone to properly guide you through them is like starting out on a road trip to a specific destination without proper directions.

A 30 minute consultation following your DEXA scan involves:

  1. A step by step assessment and explanation of your results
  2. Individualised goal setting:
    • Fat loss
    • Muscle Gain
    • Improved bone density
  3. Individualised caloric and macronutrient targets
  4. Brief analysis of current dietary intake
  5. Sports & health supplement guidance

Follow Up Scans

Generally, follow up scan results are self explanatory. However, you may not have achieved what you thought you would, and don’t know why. If you are losing weight, should you also lose lean mass? What if your overall fat mass has gone down, but VAT has gone up? Have you plateaued? Your Resting Metabolic Rate has significantly changed, or you now want to stop losing weight, and start putting on muscles… What to do? These curly kinds of questions are just what our Sports Dietitian loves to help you answer.

Many clients returning for a progress scan derive great benefit from an accompanying consultation with our sports nutritionist. Staying accountable, or having changes interpreted so you can understand what you are doing right (or, heaven forbid, wrong!), can help you keep on the right track, and nail your health goals. Often times, as you hit your goals, they need to be adjusted. Our sports nutritionist can help you figure out attainable goals, and show you how to get there.

Booking In

If you’ve had a scan, and are unsure what some of the results mean, or just want someone to keep you accountable, give us a call and book in for a DEXA dietitian/sports nutrition consultation.