After more than a year of planning, research and building excitement, we are open and officially underway. The interest from people in the fitness industry, gym-goers and other people who are keen to improve their health, has already been amazing. Our GE Lunar Prodigy Pro Densitometer, affectionately nicknamed Danni, has been hard at work, determining body compositions, including regional distribution of lean mass, fat mass, and bone density. It’s especially exciting for us to see individuals who have been struggling to get their health under control establishing a benchmark and starting point for their health revolution. Our resident Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist, Nicole Saliba, has been going through results and helping people understand where they can move forward.

If you’ve never had a DEXA, before, it’s a pretty simple process. After some initial paperwork, it’s just a matter of laying on the table for 4.5 minutes, and then your results are available, immediately. For the newbies, we highly recommend coming in for the scan and consultation with our Sports Nutritionist– you’ll definitely get the most out of the scan, that way, as the information you receive in that consultation will help you understand your results, and figure out how to move forward to achieve your health goals. Before you come in, it would be best to fill out our three day diet diary (PDF or Word), or search on your smart phone for “easy diet diary app”. For more information on what to expect, when having a body composition scan, see this page, and to check out our prices, have a look here. For general info about body composition, check out our body composition page.

If it’s bone density testing, rather than body composition, that you are interested in, see our bone density page.

We look forward to seeing you, soon.